AGENCY FEEA fee charged for the services rendered by the agency usually on a commission basis
ASSETSAn asset is something that provides current, future or potential economic benefit to the individual or the Company
CAPITAL APPRECIATIONThe rise in an investments market price
CASHFLOWThe amount of money moving into and out of a business
COOLING-OFF PERIODThe 24-hours window after the property is funded where the investor can cancel/invest before the purchase occurs
DIVIDENDA distribution of profits to all shareholders
DUBAI FINANCIAL SERVICES AUTHORITY (DFSA)The Dubai Financial Services Authority is the financial regulatory body of the special economic zone, the Dubai International Financial Center in Dubai
DUE DILIGENCEIt is the review performed to confirm facts or details prior to entering into an agreement to act with a certain standard of care
FUNDING TARGETThe capital required to be raised in order to fund an investment, including all associated costs
GROSS YIELDIncome on the property before deducting costs and expenses
INFLATIONThe increase in prices over a given period of time
INVESTMENTAn asset that is acquired for the purpose of generating income or appreciation
KNOW YOUR CLIENT (KYC)The process of verifying the identity of your customers, either before or during the time that they start doing business with you
MARKET PRICEThe current price at which an asset can be bought or sold
MATERIAL CHANGESAny change or new matter that may significantly affect the business such as the effect on the value of, or return on, an investment
NET YIELDIncome on the property after deducting costs and expenses
PROFITA financial gain between the amount spent and the amount earned
RENTAL COSTThe cost associated with the rental property during a set period, ie utilities
RENTAL INCOMEMoney collected from tenants for the use of space
RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)ROI is a performance measure, a ratio between net income and the investment
SECONDARY MARKETA secondary market is where investors buy and sell assets/shares they already own
SHAREA share is a percentage of ownership in a financial asset. Investors who hold shares of any asset are known as shareholders
SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLE (SPV)An SPV is a company created for the purpose of executing a single transaction. In the case of "Baytukum" every property will be purchased through an individual SPV. This allows us to streamline the investment process through granting shares in the property's SPV to its shareholders
TRUSTEE FEE (PROPERTY REGISTRATION TRUSTEE)A real estate registration trustee office is an authorised agency that acts as a satellite office of the Dubai Land Department. It conducts numerous services such as the transfers or sales, mortgages, grants, development, and pre-registration of properties