Why am I being asked to submit personal documents?

We need to ensure that you are a real person, that we can assess and monitor risk for. This process is a requirement of the client-onboarding process to ensure that we prevent and identify money laundering, terrorism financing and other illegal corruption schemes to keep both you and the platform safe

How can I qualify to invest with Baytukum?

To be eligible for investment with Baytukum, individuals must be at least 18 years old.

What’s the difference between Baytukum and brokerage?

Baytukum is not a real estate agency, broker, property manager or otherwise. Baytukum is simply a property investment crowdfunding platform which facilitates the process for current and future investors.

How long is the investment period with Baytukum?

We take a view of holding real estate for a period of 3-5 years depending on the current and forecast market conditions

What is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)?

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a Company which is set up for each fully funded property. This will be a legitimate holding Company of the property where Investors will legally hold shares in it. Having this structure ensures that the investors get a layer of security, as investor assets are separate from Baytukum’s. Operations are all limited and the investors have been protected in case Baytukum files for bankruptcy. This is an official Company which is registered with both the DIFC and the Dubai Land Department (DLD). Your legal ownership as well as those of your fellow investors will be reflected in the public register and the title deed, respectively.

What are the risks associated with investments?

Please refer to the list of disclaimers/disclosures

Is there a maximum and minimum investment amount?

The minimum amount to start your investment journey with Baytukum is AED 5,000. The maximum amount of investments per retail investor per annum is USD 50,000 (approximately AED 184,000). This is regulation that is set out by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)

How long does it take to close on the sale after fully funding the property?

Once the property is fully funded, we begin the acquisition process generally this takes 2 - 3 weeks. Subject to timely processing by external parties

What will happen in case the funding period has ended but the funds raised are insufficient, or exceeded?

In case of insufficient funding, the money will be returned to your wallet to either re-invest in another property or withdraw. The property will then be removed from the platform. Funding amount can not be exceeded because once the funding target has been met, the property will be shown as "Fully funded" on the platform and no further investments will be accepted

What is the property investment timeline?

After the funds are collected, there is a cooling period of 48 hours before the purchasing process begins. During the cooling period, you can withdraw your investment by contacting us at hello@baytukum.ae or +971 50 988 5553 with no added penalties.

What happens in case of any material changes in my investment?

In case of any material changes during the funding period, the investors will be notified and given the option to either proceed with the investment or funds can be withdrawn. Kindly refer to our Terms and Conditions. If case of any material changes occurs after the funding period (meaning that you are already an investor in the property), Baytukum will notify the investors. The decision, will always remain with the investors.

What is the funding period?

Funding period, also known as the commitment period, is a 14-day period where the property is listed on Baytukum's platform and is open for verified users to invest in. After the funding period ends, users cannot invest in the same property.

What is the cooling-off period?

The cooling-off period is the 48 hours following the end of the funding period where investors can withdraw their investments or new/existing investors can invest without penalties before Baytukum starts the purchase process

Is crowdfunding at Baytukum a regulated activity?

Baytukum is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and is licensed by the DIFC to provide regulated crowdfunding services for property investment. Baytukum only provides regulated services to its investors and does not carry out any unregulated activities.

What happens at the end of the investment term?

Investors are always supplied with all the information needed to make an informed decision about an investment. This will cover the full life cycle of the property from acquisition to disposal. At the end of the 3–5-year hold period, we will supply investors with ample information from industry experts and third-party valuers so that they can take an informed decision as to whether sell or to postpone the sale of the property at which point a vote will be taken.

What is Baytukum?

It is a platform that enables individuals of all ages and income brackets to make micro-investments in real estate

Why invest in real estate?

Real estate investments have a well-deserved reputation for combining long-term stability of yields and returns It provides the following benefits: - An additional alternative income stream


- Tangible asset

- Diversified portfolio

- Increased cash flow

- Capital appreciation

There is more growth potential in investing your money than keeping it in a savings account. It's the smarter way of saving your money and increase your wealth

How do I invest with Baytukum?

Easy steps:
1. Download Baytukum app
2. Create an account
3. View properties
4. Click on invest
5. Transfer money
6. You’re all set!

How safe is my investment?

As we are regulated by the DFSA we are required to periodically report back to them on the client money account. There will also be independent audits that are carried out specifically on the client money account. You are able to view your digital wallet from the platform to know that your capital is safe with us. You are also able to withdraw your funds from the digital wallet at no additional cost except that which is standard by the bank

Does any investor get VIP treatment?

We endeavour to treat all our investors with care, diligence, free of bias and prejudice

Do I need to pay anything over my initial contribution?

No, we will not be asking you for additional funding for your investments. Only the fees and expenses will be future deductibles

How do I register?

To complete the registration process, please follow the instructions provided within the App, which can be found on Google Play or the App Store.

How secure is Baytukum's platform from cyber frauds?

- All our transactions are done offline

- All withdrawal requests are processed with a 2-step verification procedure (email verification and phone verification via an OTP)

- A mandatory minimum of 48 hours is taken before processing any withdrawal and investment request.

What if there is a conflict of interest between Baytukum either financially, with a Related Person, or with an investor? What if there is favoritism between Baytukum and a client?

Baytukum is a Company regulated Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and thus is bound by all regulatory requirements. Baytukum utilizes its resources to provide all verified users with the same level of information about every single property for the investors to make an informed decision. Baytukum does not favor one client over another. In the situation where there is a conflict of interest, this will be resolved on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the regulations.

How do I earn from my investment?

Earnings will come from rental income and prospective capital appreciation on the sale of property at the end of the investment holding period

Is it possible to sell my share if I want to cash out?

Currently, our platform does not support a secondary market for buying and selling of shares in individual properties; however, we are able to assist on a case-by-case basis

Is it possible to sell the property before the investment holding period is over?

A vote is initiated (see terms and conditions ). If 70% of the shareholders of the SPV agree to sell, then the property gets sold and we will distribute dividends to all that shareholders accordingly

What if the price of the property goes down?

The property market is speculative, and can be volatile, but real estate is typically a long term investment and will be unaffected by short term volatilities

What type of real estate investment opportunities does Baytukum provide?

Baytukum provides completed residential real estate opportunities

Who has access to the investment opportunities?

Only verified users

How do you choose a property to be listed?

All listed properties are meticulously sourced and vetted by our qualified team based on market research that had been conducted and the valuations carried out by third-party independent property valuers. Other factors are considered during property selection, with the interest of our investors in mind:

- High yield, low capital appreciation

- Medium yield, medium capital appreciation (balanced approach)

- Low yield, high capital appreciation

Who will manage the investment on my behalf?

Baytukum has a qualified team, working together with established and trusted property management companies. Together we will make sure that the entire process at every stage of the investment runs smoothly so you can sit back and relax

How does Baytukum manage the property?

Baytukum employees teams of property managers from reputable and trustworthy Companies to manage properties with our oversight

What happens when the property incurs an expense(s)?

Property expenses are deductibles, from either the rental income or the sales price of a property. The total property expenses incurred are deducted from the rental income and/or the sales price that is received prior to dividends being distributed to you.

How to deposit money?

Follow the instructions provided to you on the application which can be found on Google Play or the App Store

Where does my deposited money go?

It will go into a client money account which is held with a custodian, Emirates NBD is the nominated third party

How to withdraw the available balance from my wallet?

- A withdrawal request is made through "new withdrawal request" option on the user dashboard.

- Baytukum team will then process this request

- Once the request has been processed, money will be transferred to your bank account, and you will be notified on the user dashboard. You will be bearing the bank transfer fees.

What are Baytukum’s services?

Baytukum provides a complete property crowdfunding solution to purchasing, renting, holding and selling real estate investments. You'll find that on the platform we'll provide you with great real estate investment opportunities, where all properties listed on our platform are well vetted. For the acquisition process we'll provide an end-to-end property purchase processes. We process all the paperwork and upload all the documentation on your Dashboard that are specific to your investments. We facilitate in the management of your property, so you don't have to worry about it and finally we provide education not only in personal finance but in other finance and investment related areas.

What are Baytukum’s fees?

The fees applicable are as follows:

Acquisition Fee*: 2.98%
Exit Fee*: 2.5%
Please note that we have eliminated the 5% fee on rental income to enhance your earning potential.
*Fees are subject to possible revisions.

What amounts am I allowed to withdraw from my portfolio?

Users can withdraw whatever amount is available in their wallets. These do not include committed funds

Can I transfer my shares to an existing investor? Or to someone I know?

Investors who wish to transfer their shares before the end of the suggested holding period will bear all the costs associated with making the changes. If investors wish to transfer their shares to an existing shareholder in a certain property, the shareholder shall not exceed the maximum ownership percentage (if applicable).